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SPECIAL FABRICS SRL operates in Northern Italy as a leading manufacturer of all kinds of woven material for a broad number of industries:


  • Adhesive tapes: for 20 years, we have been a leader in this sector, from weaving reinforcing fabrics and coupling , up to slitting reinforced adhesive tapes.


  • medical: we offer fabrics and mesh solutions to the medical industry ( both synthetic and natural/cotton)


  • composites: we can offer any type of e glass woven roving material, as low as 200g/m2 and as large as 320cm, mainly for the GRP panel indutry.


  • bio composites: we offer a 100% bio fabrics (200g) made of 100% CELLULOSE FIBER


Our Know how in Textile, coupled with heavy investment in latest weaving technology, makes SPECIAL FABRICS your best partner for tailor made fabrics , from glass fiber filament and roving to polyester yarn and other synthetic and natural fibers

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